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Hungarian government launches coronavirus questionnaire Read full article June 8,PM ·2 mins read Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers his speech during the inauguration of the Centenary Turul Statue phoenix trading reviews commemoration of the th anniversary of the Trianon Peace Treaty in Satoraljaujhely, Hungary, Saturday, June 6, The Turul, mostly depicted as a hawk or falcon, is a mythological bird and the ancient symbol of Hungarian national identity and togetherness.

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Hungary is commemorating the th anniversary of a post-World War I peace treaty which led to the loss of about two-thirds of its territory and left some 3. Prime Minister Phoenix trading reviews Orban has carried out several similar propaganda campaigns since returning to power in A facsimile of the form published Monday on the government's internet and Facebook pages includes issues like the protection of retirement homes during the pandemic and a proposal by financier George Soros on how the European Union could raise funds to support members states hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

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Speaking Monday in parliament, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that all Hungarian citizens would receive the questionnaire in the mail, asking them to return it by Aug. Hungary has registered 4, coronavirus cases and deaths. The first question asks people to indicate which of nine protective measures and restrictions they agree with regarding the pandemic, from the obligatory wearing of masks to free parking and the closure of the country's border.

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The consultation also touches on migration and Soros, two of Orban's key targets over the past years. Story continues The proposal would drive Hungary into debt for an "unforeseeably long time," the government said.

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