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Irodalom 50 80 év a kérdések megfogalmazásához.

Clearly it is going to be inbut that leaves quite a short amount of time for Pearl Harbor.

So, my first question is how far do you expect you will go into the USSR? And secondly, what's your war plan afterwards? Just wondering.

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How far into the SU? Depends on the situation mostly, obviosly the port and the nearby towns are the main goal, and to tie down as much as possible, but if we can, it could turn into a deep strike, maybe with a mongolian sidetrip and the inevitable lost troops there.

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The afterwards are defensive mostly, depending the us entry score, we will strike them more or less the same time, or if it low enough, as late as possible, also depends heavily on the DEI diplomacy, with a success there, we might have a good base to strike properly early, but a late or failed opció ooo rzhev diplo action could lead a no PH route, where the us has to dow on us.

And that will be bad for many reasons, but ehh.

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Also the chinese situation will make or break this run, if they are contained or defeated, than we can do proper strike into the SU and India, maybe some late landings, if the chinese hold out after the SU troop reduction, it opció ooo rzhev be a failed one probably.

If I recall, that's where you failed earlier.

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And hopefully you can get the Dutch East Indies into the war, that would be interesting. If the AI just manages to defend a line in front of Chita, or just keeps whatever forces it has right there already, they would probably hold a lot of what they already have.

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I mean, most likely this, and the capture of Vladivostok with its 80 MPP income, might make the difference, but it is a really bottlenecked area. Ideally we strike with the germans, or within a few turns if that is not an option, hopefully opció ooo rzhev chinese will be crippled at that time, so we need only a few units to contain them, this removes any major naval action, only the philippines, DEI and Burma will the target, and the two free islands south, since that is better to be taken opció ooo rzhev and freely than never.

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